Harnessing The Power Of Internet Sales And Traffic

timesavingpctipsThe internet is still the wild west of the modern era, with vast fortunes being made daily and mind-boggling amounts of money being exchanged on a minute by minute basis. All one needs to do is harness even a little bit of this traffic to really begin to earn money, sales, and eyeballs. However, there are a few things that make this much easier, and once you know how to really make it work you could change your company and your life.

Product Sales

Have you ever considered selling your products on Amazon? With one of the biggest customer bases, Amazon’s sales dwarf even the next closest competitors, such as Walmart and Target. When it comes to online shopping and sales, Amazon has the market cornered. The reasons are many; people have their cards on file with Amazon, making one click ordering so fast. It’s almost criminal how fast I can purchase something on Amazon. Another reason is that many people now have Amazon Prime memberships, making fast shipping free for qualifying items. This is a huge reason that many people simply decide to pay lower prices on Amazon rather than spend money at a local store. However if you can get your products on Amazon you could end up making a lot more sales and reach a lot more of an audience.

Website Traffic

Getting traffic to a website can launch a business from unknown to hit sensation overnight. But how does one harness the hordes of traffic that flow through the internet on a daily basis? There are many answers to this question, but one of the main answers is search engine optimization. In the olden days this was very simple, but new developments with Google have shown SEO to be a very difficult task filled with lots of minutiae and rules that nobody will ever fully understand.

In order to properly market, however, you have to go after the right keywords. Buyer-friendly keywords are ideal, focusing on action keywords and late stage buyers.

Many people could make entire careers out of analyzing data and providing tips on how to work with the latest knowledge on search engine algorithms. Our partner Roger Feinstein, who runs a tech website, was able to make a career based on helping companies rank their small business websites in local search listings.

Finding Niches

Niches are the bread and butter of internet marketing, and finding a hot niche is like striking gold. This is why you’ll see that many internet marketers will NEVER reveal the niches that they work in. It’s kind of crazy the way that they teach methods yet never reveal their own projects. However, this is par for the course in internet marketing, so don’t be surprised when you come across it.

However, finding a hot niches is often just a matter of having your ear to the ground when out and about in daily life, watching for trends and researching them to see potential marketing opportunities and whether or not it’s something worth pursuing.

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